Our Players

The World Rules Pool Tour is proud to feature several world champions and a plethora of other major international title winners in its ranks.

  • Adam Davis: Former World Champion
  • Amy Beauchamp: Current World Ladies Champion (in two different disciplines and four overall), two-time World Ladies Masters winner and two-time European Ladies Champion
  • Ben Flack: Former World Masters winner and two-time European Champion
  • Callum Singleton: Former World Masters winner
  • Carl Morris: Former World Champion
  • Catherine Jones: Former European Ladies Champion
  • Clint I’Anson: Former professional number one
  • Dylan Leary: Former European Champion
  • Emma Cunningham: Former four-time World Ladies Champion, four-time World Ladies Masters winner and current four-time European Ladies Champion
  • Gareth Hibbott: Former World Champion
  • Jack Whelan: Former World Champion
  • John Roe: Former World Champion
  • Jon McAllister: Current World Champion
  • Josh Kane: Former World Masters winner
  • Karl Sutton: Former European Champion
  • Leanne Cragg: Current European Ladies Champion
  • Lee Kendall: Former two-time European Champion and Mosconi Cup winner
  • Michelle Brown: Former World Ladies Masters winner
  • Neil Raybone: Former World Masters winner
  • Oly Bale: Former European Champion
  • Phil Harrison: Former World Champion and current three-time World Masters champion
  • Scott Gillespie: Current European and World Champion
  • Sharon James: Former European Ladies Champion
  • Shaun Chipperfield: Former World Champion
  • Tom Cousins: Former two-time World Champion